Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Braelyn's 1st Birthday 5/29/10

I'm gonna get you mommy (the look)

Wait for me, I can't stop laughing to pose!

Ok, here I come ready or not you better snap, cause I'm comin'

I just love the sun (outside) and really enjoy clapping, Hey how bout' you get a picture of me clapping while we're still out her.

Mommy, I'm soooo funny huh?


Here I go clapping again, & laughing!
This is Miss Braelyn at exactly 12 months (1whole year old) Can you believe it? Already a year so, Yea Ok getting these pictures done took some time(i mean time) LOL, this little girl is reallya hand ful and a lotta fun. She enjoyed playing, running and laughing while trying to get some really good shots of her in rare form. I just love her!!!!

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