Monday, December 19, 2011

A Joyeux Noel White Elephant Party-The Pryor's Style

Yay!!! We made it through the weekend and the party was a hit!!!! I have some very awesome women in my circle to thank for helping me pull it all together. Ms. Verna, you are awesome and I thank you for keeping me focused and helping me to do the biggest part YOU ROCK!!!, Angela (aka, Doc) you are the best taste tester and I have to admit you knew just what to do to shorten the puff time of the beignets, girl you are a great friend and I thank you for helping me to get those cooked and ready in time. Now last, but certainly not least, Erica ("E"), girl you got in here and helped me to finish the cooking and I thank you for that I was able to get a few min. to sit and relax a bit before.

I had so much fun with everyone and the game was great as well, Soooo now you want to see the pics of these ladies help and work??? Well, lucky for you I have the before pics. Take a look !

Sweet Table
The Food

Sweets Table decor (up close)

Glitter truffles by Leslie of Sessy's Sweets (link included)
French Macaroons by The Sweet Boutique (TSB-Sugarland), Candy Apples by Trae (That's Me)

Cookies made by Kelly of Sugar High (link included)

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