Friday, May 25, 2012

Sorry I've Been M.I.A., I have a good excuse I promise!

OK, so I've been missing in the blog world for a min. or three (lol) but I have been really into starting my own Little REVOLUTION and getting to know me again. I was so unhappy with my weight and how I looked in clothes. SO.... One of my really good girlfriends told me about how she lost her weight in just 90 days and I was totally curious and really not believing her, I thought that she went and had weight loss surgery but come to find out she didn't.

The product she used along with exercising is the 90 day fitness challenge by Body By Vi, so she gave me some to try and it was DELISH!!!! and I could not believe that this was a protein nutritional shake that really taste like cake!!! I was curious and wanted to know more so Long story short I tried it loved it and lost 23lbs I have some pics to prove it below. fyi. (the pics are taken with my cell phone so the quality is not the best)

So as of late I have been promoting the Challenge and helping others begin their Revolution to the road of good health. Remember my healthy isn't your healthy do what works for you as long as it's safe, natural and productive.  Please see my website let me know you were there and if you would like to become part of the challenge, You won't regret it, I know I sure don't.

Me at 220lbs 1/14/12

This is the 1st week of the Challenge lost 4.5lbs

The 2nd week of the Challenge (sorry it's a little fuzzy pic taken with my phone) lost 5.5 more

The 3rd week of the Challenge lost 6 lbs

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