Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Knowledge will be pleasant to you soul.

Knowledge will be pleasant to you soul.

                                                                 -Proverbs 2:10

I love autumn. The season's crisp-edged breezes affect me two ways: I root out warmer garb, and I want to skip. Maybe the colors cause me to twirl like a leaf or maybe the childhood memories of starting back to school put me into a spin.

Remember the feelings that came with the new school year? I always experienced a mix of dread and delight with a hefty dash of expectations. Every fall I could hardly wait to meet up with friends I hadn't seen all summer. And I could strut around in my new school clothes and meet my new teachers. I always wondered if this would be the year I'd meet some cool guy or receive my best grades ever.
Unfortunately, all my interest in school would wane by winter, when both my enthusiasm and the landscape were cold and blah. You'll note in my list of reasons to be excited about school starting I didn't mention the thrill of learning. I wanted good grades, but I didn't want to study. So I didn't excel; in fact, I barely made it through one grade and into the next. Then, when I was sixteen, I quit. That mistake left an indelible ache in my soul.
But I'm grateful we serve a Redeemer. After I gave my life to Christ, I found myself enrolled in the school of faith. I love my Teacher, and he's ever so patient when I don't get it. I often have homework and sometimes even detention, but now I love to learn. I understand that diligence yields great rewards, whether it's in the vibrant autumn of new beginnings or the long hard winter of discipline.

This devotion was excerpted by The Women of Faith Daily Devotional and written by Patsy Clairmont

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