Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IT's Tuesday.......

Just wanted to share that my wonderful Husband got me the perfume that I had been talking about ( Viva La Juicy) Oh it smells sooo good!. Of course it took me falling and hitting my head getting a hickey and a cut oh and also a swollen knee before he got it but he did.

We took our daughter to a birthday party and while there I noticed that there was another little girl who was bigger than her age but very rambucious and busy, well long story short the little girl got into the tent while my daughter was in there and another little baby trying to get in and they all fell over due to this other little girl turning over the tent and my daughter almost smashed another little girl and yep you guess it MOMMY TO THE RESCUE.... I flew down there to keep them from all hurting each other and I got hurt but I'm OK. I will take a lick anytime to protect my little cub.

Smooches Braelyn Mommy Love YOU!!!!

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